Detroit's Grade: overall-grade

Thank Mayor Duggan for making Detroit friendly for short-term rentals!

Base Score 90
  • Legal Framework 0

    0 to +10 if tailored legal framework exists.
  • Restrictions 0

    0 to -40. Based on threshold question of legality for hosted/non-hosted stays, zoning/geographic restrictions, etc.
  • Taxation 0

    0 to -5. If tax collection falls solely on platform, deductions are assessed. If collection falls solely on owner, no deductions. If city is agnostic on collection or responsibility, no deductions. Other deductions associated for burdensome requirements like additional reporting.
  • Licensing 0

    0 to -10 based on number of licenses and cost over 5 years, in addition to start-up costs.
  • Enforcement 0

    0 to -10. Deductions assessed for burdensome inspections or other restrictions.
Final Score 90

Detroit has taken a permissive approach to short-term rentals, though it has remained officially silent as to their legality.

Because city officials are silent on the issue, no additional points are added or subtracted for licensing, taxation or enforcement.

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